The world is in the grip of a global deception.
Discerning the Times and Seasons

Discerning the Times and Seasons

By Peter Jackel, Pastor Carnegie Church (22 July, 2021).

‘Disclaimer: the following statements represent my personal views.

There is one simple question that you need to logically and rationally answer for me.

Q. When governments around the world find themselves in the middle of a global pandemic, at war with a deadly virus, and looking everywhere and anywhere for answers on how to save their dying people  – why then do these same governments (and their agencies) actively ignore, silence, demonise, de-platform, threaten and sack doctors who are healing people from this same virus?

Don’t simply read the question and then ignore it … there is only one option that really makes any sense and it is shocking:

certain medications, regardless of how efficacious, cheap, safe and readily available must not be used to save the lives of sick and dying COVID infected patients – and doctors who ignore directives must be removed.

How could that possibly be?

The only reason a vaccine can be fast-tracked and given rapid “provisional approval” thereby skipping all the normal safety trials required for safe usage, is if there are no medications available to treat the disease. Removing both the medications and dissenting doctors (and other world leading experts) and you have created the pathway for COVID vaccines (more fittingly described as gene therapies) direct to market.

The unfolding plan is that everyone on earth will take an experimental COVID vaccine (and carry a COVID passport). Apparently, “it is the only way we all get back to normal” and anyone who refuses is selfish, uncaring, an anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist and an enemy of the people.

Feel the pressure yet?

We are witnessing a global deception…

The world is in the grip of a great, global deception, the likes of which we have never witnessed before in the history of the world.

The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. – Revelation 12:9

What now appears to be a lab engineered virus, improved by ‘gain of function’ technology to enhance its pathogenicity either escaped or was released into the populations of the world at the end of 2019. Millions of people were subsequently infected with the disease and many have fallen ill and many have died as a result. The constant stream of stories of those dead or dying, the images of bodies lying in the streets, the never-ending soaring case and death counts and the constant fear-mongering of our leaders have all served to ratchet up a frenzy of fear and panic in the community, which has left many fatigued, confused and despairing.

The messaging from social media platforms, mass media outlets, and from our elected government officials and health bureaucrats never deviated from a finely crafted, well packaged and synchronized narrative. Any dissenting expert voices ventilating opinions or alternative scientific evidence and facts were summarily demonized as ‘fools’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’ and their information deemed ‘mis-information’ and harmful. Strangely, before these experts raised their concerns, daring to challenge the narrative orthodoxy, they were indeed experts of the highest regard in their fields of endeavour. Now they are fools to be silenced and ignored. Additionally, medications used by doctors to heal COVID infected patients have been either banned, blocked or ignored by governments and their agencies around the world. Many of these same doctors have been threatened, silenced, ignored or sacked, even though they had proven accounts of saving the lives of their patients.

So, healing medications have been blocked around the world, doctors have been silenced and sacked, scientific and health professionals told to shut up, whistle-blowers ignored, death counts monetarily incentivised, PCR case counts fraudulently inflated (using invalid cycle-threshold settings), health messaging by the three letter agencies politicised (WHO, FDA, CDC), human rights suspended, emboldened police brutalising and intimidating the public, spying on businesses and neighbours actively encouraged, arbitrary and un-scientific rules imposed on populations (curfews, travel perimeters, etc.), news replaced by propaganda and draconian lockdowns imposed on entire populations arguably doing significantly more damage to the community than the virus by suspending access to critical health services (cancer screenings, emergency surgeries, etc.), destroying businesses, ruining economies, and wiping out middle class wealth while inducing loneliness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness (and suicide in some).

And now the world is subject to a soon-to-be mandated mass vaccination program. Everyone will be forcibly ‘encouraged’ to take dangerous, rushed-to-market experimental vaccines (none of which have long term safety data). Failure to take the COVID vaccine (with proof provided by a vaccine ‘passport’) will result in exclusion from life’s normal activities (travel, concerts, sporting events, libraries, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, church, etc).

There is now a growing body of evidence that reveals these vaccines are having devastating effects on people’s lives around the globe causing injury, permanent disability and death – yet, unsurprisingly, this information too, is being censored, silenced and ignored on all but alternative media platforms.

In short, nefarious agents determined to control and enslave the populations of the world have weaponised a virus against the people. Our world is in trouble – and we who know Jesus, must rise to the challenge of our time, get educated, start thinking for ourselves again and then speak out fearlessly. It’s not a conspiracy theory – it’s a conspiracy!

Most importantly – we must pray for our world.
Only a praying people will change the course of this present evil.

Resources, Talks & Presentations

Need to find a doctor who will prescribe you Ivermectin for either prophalaxis or as treatment for your COVID infection? Email us here.

The Power of a Pandemic

This talk looks at the COVID pandemic in more detail and ask the simple question – is everything as it appears?

COVID-19: Once Upon a Virus

Are there voices beyond the permitted ‘experts’ who perhaps reveal a different, more truer reality of what’s really taking place?

God and Government

The pandemic of fear is doing damage in the lives of people. Depression, anxiety and suicides abound. What is driving the fear? A lack of hope, a media that constantly reports doom and politicians who only seem to have ‘lockdowns’ as their solution. Do we as Christians have the right to challenge our leaders?

The Great Reset

The Great Reset is the brainchild of the World Economic Forum. In this presentation we explore its inception and development and how it relates to bible prophecy.

Planet Lockdown: A Final Warning

In this very recent MUST-SEE interview, former Vice-President of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon AGAIN pleads with the brainwashed masses to wake up and heed the accelerating dangers presented by the CoVID-19 vaccines and Government actions. Time is rapidly running out. This may well be the final warning that has any hope of stopping a global, human catastrophe.

Del Bigtree & Dr Mike Yeadon

Del Bigtree ( speaks here with former Vice-president of Pfizer, Dr Mike Yeadon about the dangers of mass vaccinating the global population with a rushed-to-market vaccine that has skipped safety trials.

Should I Get Vaccinated?

There are 2 groups in the community at the moment – the control group (COVID unvaccinated) and the research group (COVID vaccinated). Given the Vaccine trial makers have stated that the current trial ends in 2022/23 – this is the largest active human trial in history. Make your decision carefully about which group you select to be in. 

Vaccinate the Young? All risk. No benefit.

A needle in every arm seems to be the global directive. Inject the old and the young; the sick and the healthy; the recovered and the immune-naive. Just like lockdowns, another strategy that ignores demographic, geographic and immunological differences is being forced on the entire population without a risk-benefit analysis for the individual or a cost-benefit analysis for society. 

Vaccine Injuries

US Sen. Ron Johnson holds a news conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with families from across the country who share their experiences regarding adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines. The state’s governor, Tony Evers, called Johnson’s roundtable “reckless and irresponsible.”

News You're Not Allowed to Hear

FOX News banned this reporter from detailing what this life-saving doctor was using to save the lives of hundreds of sick and dying COVID patients. Here she reveals the suppression of information and  agenda driven message that is being pushed in the place of objective news – and reveals what this doctor is doing to saved lives, that the media refused to allow to air.

America's Frontline Doctors Website

This group of COVID doctors and ICU physicians held a historic livestreamed event explaining the treatments for COVID in a bid to quell fears and help the public. YouTube removed their event from its platform after it went viral. Their website was then removed. Some were sacked, others were threatened and investigated by their medical boards for ‘dangerous’ information. Here’s their new website.

COVID & Ivermectin

For 18 months now our medical ‘health experts’ have told infected people to isolate alone at home and ‘when you can’t breathe go to hospital.’ Perhaps it’s time to take your own health care into your own hands – and do some of your own research and thinking. This website is put together by renown ICU physicians using protocols including Ivermectin, zinc and anti-biotics to heal patients of COVID infections. 

Pastors Opposed to Lockdowns 2020

This letter describes the reasons why a group of Melbourne based pastors challenge the locking down of the city of Melbourne and it’s 6.5M citizens. The letter was forwarded to parliamentarians and health bureaucrats both federal and state – and resulted in a number of face 2 face discussions with political leaders.

Footnotes for Research

This document provides supporting information and links, allowing you to do your own reading and research into COVID and the narrative. Get the footnotes PDF here  – watch the talk on Rumble here or Click on the video below.

No Jab for Me!

This is the effort of a one-man team: a homeless, passionate, relentless guy, by the name of Paul Adams – the site contains 429 links to sources. Statements in this site are substantiated with facts that will stand in a court of law. Informed Consent requires a flow of accurate, unfiltered information.

COVID Visuals

A website library of talks – from health professionals, researchers, doctors, nurses, emeritus professors explaining the significant dangers of taking a COVID vaccine, to those who have been vaccine injured. Listen as they reveal information and stories that have been kept from the public.

Once Upon a Time in Wuhan - Dr Sam Bailey Speaks

New Zealand’s Dr Sam will take you back to December 2019 and highlight in this fascinating talk (20mins) some of the key concepts that have been used to fuel and propel this apparent crisis.

King vs Albert, CA. CHO

Canadian worker, Patrick King took his $1200 mask fine to court and asked one simple question, provide “evidence that SARS-Cov-2 virus exists”. They couldn’t. 2 Weeks later, the Alberta CHO removed COVID restrictions over 4M people. (Note: Patrick did not win his case, yet the effects of his efforts remain the same).

Rev. Fred Nile - Open Letter

The Rev. Fred Nile has just released an Open Letter describing in summary form the devastating and foolish actions of the NSW government and their Lockdown rulings. A stance of courage and conviction.

Being forced to take a Vaccine?

If you are being pressured or compelled to take an unwanted vaccine at risk of losing your job – this is called ‘coercion’. You have rights in your workplace. This letter has been put together by a legal team in Sydney for workers or students. Do not be coerced! Original word document is here. The legal firm is here.

Immunisation Register

If you would like to stop government or 3rd parties (vaccine makers) from accessing your imunisation history (specifically whether you are vaccinated against COVID) then print, complete and send this form to the Australian government to protect your privacy.