Once Upon a Virus

COVID-19 Once Upon a Virus – A Presentation

It seems that fear has robbed our ability to think critically and analytically about the seasons and times we find ourselves in as Christians. The COVID pandemic has ravaged the world and produced panic and a pathological fear in our communities. But should it?

Are there voices beyond the permitted ‘experts’ who perhaps reveal a different, more truer reality of what’s really taking place?

We spoke about COVID-19 at our Sunday service (Feb 28, 2021) and attempted to unmask the virus and strip away the forced narrative, digging deeper and giving those voices, otherwise silenced and censored, permission to speak.

These footnotes provide reading information to help you further your own research. We encourage you to download and access the resources, listen to the ‘dangerous’ experts listed – and then engage your mind and decide by yourself if all you’ve been told warrants the fear, dread and terror that is COVID-19.

Get the footnotes PDF here  – watch the talk on Rumble here or Click on the video below.