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Church Leaders Raise Lockdown Concerns

A number of church leaders from churches in the South East of Melbourne, have raised concerns about the current Victorian government’s lockdown regulations imposed on Victorians as a reaction to the COVID pandemic. A letter outlining the concerns has been tabled, signed and sent to various political leaders, ventilating what is seen as over-reach and over-reaction on the part of the government. A perpetual ‘crisis-mode’ mentality has stoked fear and panic in the community, and objectivity has been lost.

You can view the letter by clicking the image on the left.

We, as church leaders of our communities, realise that we do not speak for everyone in our communities. People’s views about the government’s actions are varied and wide and we understand that. However, as leaders of our communities we are called by God to stand up and speak up on matters of principle and matters of personal conviction. Politicians seek votes. Leaders lead, true to their convictions.

If you are a church leader, and you feel strongly about what’s happening in our great state, then please consider getting in touch with us and joining your voice to ours.